Ecolibrium3’s Earth Week kicks off with Lincoln Park cleanup

Ecolibrium3’s Earth Week kicks off with Lincoln Park cleanup

Ecolibrium3's Earth Week kicks off with plenty of sustainable and environment focused activities, but it starts with a Lincoln Park cleanup.

Earth Day begins on Monday April 22nd, but there’s plenty of easy steps to help the environment. Ecolibrium3’s Earth Week includes several events to get the community to become more sustainable.

One of their biggest events began on Saturday morning with cleaning up litter around Lincoln Park. Angela Johnson, the Partnership and Special Projects Developer with Ecolibrium3, said they appreciate the support from the community.

“We have a really amazing group of volunteers. We’re super grateful for all the people that are excited about coming and helping to clean up Lincoln Park,” Johnson said. “After the snow melt, even though we didn’t get that much snow this year, there is still garbage and things that need to get picked up. We have all these amazing volunteers that are meeting up and they just want to keep the neighborhood clean.”

Johnson also said if people missed out on Ecofest and the Lincoln Park cleanup there are other future volunteer opportunities. Ecolibrium3 invites anyone wanting to get a green thumb, by helping out with their Urban Farm up at Lake Superior College.

“We’ll be having Saturdays at the farm coming up so people can come up. We just want people to come up and experience the nature and experience farming and become inspired,” Johnson said. “There’s nothing more educational than seeing somebody pick something from the farm and eat it. Then you see that connection happen.”

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