Ecolibrium3 hosts Business Sustainability luncheon on Earth Day

Business leaders learn more about sustainability efforts on Earth Day

On Earth Day, Ecolibrium3 hosted a Business Sustainability Luncheon in Duluth.

Sustainability was front and center on Earth Day at Ecolibrium3’s Business Sustainability Luncheon at Clyde Iron Works.

The event showcased a presentation about how industries like steel, iron, concrete, and transportation can decarbonize and become more sustainable.

Jodi Slick, CEO of Ecolibrium3, shared, “One of the things that businesses learned today is that research shows Northeast Minnesota can be pivotal in addressing greenhouse gas emissions. And that comes with the amazing opportunity for economic development in our region.”

Also at the lunch, WLSSD received the first annual Eco Award for their efforts.

WLSSD’s Executive Director Marianne Bohren said they are honored for this recognition. And added, “I think what we’re seeing is that we’re more than solid waste management. We’re a resource recovery facility, and the possibilities of all the ways we can benefit the community can continue to grow.”