Earth Day: Kirsten Aune Textiles host event on sustainable fashion

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Folks where at Kristen Anue Textiles in downtown Duluth to learn about sustainable fashion and how to reuse materials in creatives ways. The event was held in commemoration of Earth Day, an annual event where people demonstrate support for environmental protection.

There were also talks about climate journaling and living in a climate change world, all in an effort to protect the planet.

The official theme for 2023 Earth Day is “Invest in Our Planet”, we spoke to the owner of the shop, Kristen Aune on the event.

“We’re going to be making things with our remnants and with things that we normally would discard. I also have an installation in my windows where for the last year I kept all the little plastic that you quote unquote can’t really recycle. What a shame that we have to throw things away and that we’re living in a world that is so dominated by plastic, at least here in the United States”.