Duluth’s public schools are beginning their in-person summer school programs

The Duluth Public School district is allowing in-person summer school sessions after two years of remote distance learning and zoom classes.

This summer at Lester Park elementary school, Principal Thomas Cawcutt of Homecroft elementary school explained summer school for the students between kindergarten and fifth grade is optional, but there is valuable lessons and learning habits children are able to retain when the school year begins in the fall.

Katie Britton, a teacher from Lincoln Park Elementary, who is working as the summer school Principal of Denfeld, said the reason as to why summer school is not an option for middle school students between sixth grade and eight grade is due to lack of available staff.

Britton said the reason why so many students struggled during the school year and taking summer school, are were due to the lack of access to technology and the internet, required for remote learning and online classes.

Principal Nathan Glockle of the Duluth Area Learning Center said every student has there own journey. It’s important to create a warm, and welcoming environment, and a non-judgmental culture to help students get on track to graduate.