Duluth Transit Authority to move its Miller Hill Mall location

Beginning on Sunday, April 7, the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) says it will move its Miller Hill Mall Hub location from Door 8 on the Dick’s Sporting Goods side of the mall to the area near JCPenny’s, now operating from Door 16. The DTA says the move is in partnership with Essentia Health and the Miller Hill Mall.

DTA officials say the change will provide convenient access to the Essentia Health-Miller Hill Health Plaza.

“With the combination of safety, efficiency, and access in mind, we are pleased to announce the move from Door 8 to Door 16,” DTA General Manager Rod Fournier said in a release. “Passengers can expect a better transit environment which will continue to improve over the coming months as the new site develops further.”

The change will not affect routes and arrival times to the Mall area, although service to door 8 will stop entirely.

According to the release, all routing for both STRIDE Paratransit and DTA Fixed Route operations will board and depart at Door 16. There will be additional signage and floor-clings to help the public find the new location and mind the changes.

DTA says it is working on construction of a more permanent shelter with better amenities at Door 16. Passengers may notice temporary stops, shelters, and signage changing as work begins.