Duluth snowplowing operations are in effect for snowstorm

Snowfall has begun, but it’s light at this early stage. City of Duluth snowplowing operations crews are out and will be running full operations on Priority 1 streets.

According to their snow and ice control policy they’ll be out until 6:30 PM today, at which time most staff will take a well-deserved rest.

They’ll still have a small number of crews on duty to continue the work into the late night hours, and will have a full crew again in the early morning.

Residents can do their part in helping with street maintenance operations by remembering to get out and move their cars today between 4pm and 8pm from the odd side to the even side of the road.

Illegally parked cars can hamper Duluth snowplowing efforts considerably. The City of Duluth’s equipment often has difficulty passing illegally parked vehicles on residential streets. Please move your vehicle during the changeover window, it is critical. For more information on our snow and ice policy, please visit here.

The City would also like to remind residents and businesses to lend a helping hand to their neighbors in need as they remove snow from their sidewalks. Safe sidewalk access is crucial to pedestrians, folks pushing strollers, and people using wheelchairs and mobility devices as they move about to errands, appointments, and the like. Removal of sidewalk snow within 24 hours of a snow event’s end helps residents maintain safe.

As always, the City thanks residents for their patience and understanding as crews work to maintain roads during and after snow events. Please stay safe while traveling. For more information on current weather conditions you can read more here.