Duluth schools promote unity with new back-to-school event

For thousands of kids and teens around the Norhtland, it’s the last Monday this summer they’re going to bed without school in the morning.

Duluth Public Schools helped students get ready to go back to class with a big event at Bayfront Festival Park. The district dubbed it “Unity in our Community.”

“We’ve been working on our strategic plan, and through the process that we’ve been working on it, we’ve heard that there’s been this divide, and people don’t want that divide anymore,” ISD 709 Communications Officer Adelle Wellens said. “So anything we can do to bring people together in one spot and have fun and get to know each other, I think will help with that.”

The evening mixed fun, food, and information. One of the popular booths was the Denfeld Nation Automation robotics team. Kids, and a few adults, caught frisbees and balls the student-built robots tossed out.

Senior Sofia DeCambaliza said robotics is a big part of the reason she’s excited to go back to school this year.

“I moved here in the middle of high school, so you know, I came in not knowing anybody, and I made all my friends through robotics,” she said. “And everybody’s very nice, down-to-earth, you know. It’s a really good community.”

Wellens also suggested to prep further, families should check when their individual schools will host open houses in the week ahead.