Duluth School Board Votes ‘Yes’ to Authorization of November Referendum

Following a 7-0 vote of authorization Tuesday evening, Duluth Public Schools unveiled its educational technology funding plan initiative and a bond restructuring referendum. Duluth Public Schools’ initiative aims to equip students, teachers, and staff with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in a digital age. They believe by implementing state-of-the-art infrastructure, software, and devices, they will foster a dynamic learning environment that hosts creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Officials also say by passing the referendum, they will be able to provide more resources to staff, students, and families, advance equity, provide better mental health outlets and more. School officials are also calling it a strategic move that aims to optimize financial resources, reduce debt burdens, and allocate funds more efficiently to support the district’s long-term goals.

“We have been putting our financial house in order and want to keep it that way,” said Superintendent John Magas. “Our fund balance is healthy, leading to an improved bond rating and reasonable financial cushion. Remember, a few short years ago our fund balance was nearly non-existent.”  

School board members are looking for support and engagement from the community to ensure stakeholders have a voice in shaping the financial stability and educational opportunities for the students. Residents can expect to see the two referendum questions listed on the ballot during this November’s general election. If voters approve the referendum, a $200,000 homeowner in Duluth would pay $1.78 more in taxes per week which equates to roughly $92.55 per year.