Duluth Salvation Army asking for toy donations

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Inflation has been impacting the everyday costs of living, and charities like the Salvation army are struggling with fewer donations. The Duluth Salvation Army are seeing fewer toy donations for families in need this holiday season. When the Salvation Army have distribution days, there are not enough toys to give out in the first three hours.

Cyndi Lewis, the Director of Development at the Duluth Salvation Army explained the charity’s struggle. “We will try to get 80 people an hour through our through our distribution line, through toys and food. And we max out at about three toys per child. And if we’re not even getting enough for one per child for the first 3 hours, we’re all panicked right now.” Lewis said.

Lewis said said they’re accepting more than toys this holiday season. Gifts could be anything from headphones, blankets and other donations to help families enjoy the holidays.

“When you think about, oh, maybe personally you’re buying less toys for your family, but then there’s people that can’t buy their children anything because they have to pay for. All they can afford is maybe just the heating bill, or maybe all they can afford is just food. And then they come to us for help on the other things, and then to think that they can’t provide any toys for their children. That’s where we come in. And when we can’t do that, then we start to panic.” Lewis said.

Cindy also said, if you’re out shopping for presents this holiday season, maybe you could also buy a toy for a child in your community. The easiest and fastest way to help with toy donations is to bring them to their office. However, there are several toy donation drop off areas within the city of Duluth.

“Sometimes they’re just one or two steps away from needing help. And that’s what we’re here for. But we need help helping others, essentially.” Lewis said.

For more information about different ways to donate to the Duluth salvation army you can look herehttps://centralusa.salvationarmy.org/northern/Duluth/ways-to-give/.

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