Duluth police: Level III predatory offender moving to West Duluth

On November 8, Duluth police sent out a notice to the public about a Level III predatory offender moving into West Duluth. According to the release, 80-year-old Daniel Harry Peria is now living on the 5600 block of Grand Avenue.

According to the fact sheet sent by the Duluth Police Department, Peria had separate incidents of sexual contact and conduct with boys and teens over a period of years. According to the fact sheet, Peria knew the boys.

The Duluth Police Department releases the information in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 244.052 and 253D, to inform the public of an offenders release from prison or a secure treatment facility when the police department believes that the information will help public safety.

Peria has served the sentence for his conviction, and is transitioning into the community.

Authorities say the notification of a offenders release is not to increase fear, but to keep the public informed.