Duluth Police considering purchase of armored rescue vehicle, invites public to discussion

The Duluth Police Department will be hosting an informational and educational discussion as it moves to
purchase an armored rescue vehicle.

Chief Mike Ceynowa said they have been using Superior’s armored truck. And in fact, it’s been used 25 times in Duluth. Most recently, he said, during the arrest of a homicide suspect a couple of weeks ago.

“So this vehicle allows us to get into a situation that’s violent, that has been weaponized by individuals, allows us to negotiate safely with them. It allows us to evacuate people out of a neighborhood where these events are occurring, allows us to deploy our soft skills like our crisis negotiation team and their tools, which includes like throw phones and drones to try to negotiate the situation. And not put humans into harm’s way to resolve it peacefully for all that are involved,” Ceynowa explained.

Plus, it’s out at public outreach events as well.

The funding for this purchase will come from current police budget savings. The department needs city council approval for the purchase. And it will take about a year to build, if approved.

The public is invited to learn more at a discussion on Wednesday the 16th from 5:30 – 7 p.m. The location is the Evergreen Senior Center (5830 Grand Ave).

Superior Police Department’s Armored Rescue Vehicle will be present at the event for individuals to view.