Duluth Parks and Recreation previews their winter/spring program guide

Duluth Parks and Recreation announces winter and spring programs

The Duluth Parks and Recreation announced their winter and spring program guide with many types of activities throughout the city for all ages and skills.

While the above average temperatures have dampened some outdoor activities so far this season, the Duluth Parks and Recreation team is looking ahead to the cooler months by announcing their January through May 2024 winter program guide.

The program guide lists a wide range indoor and outdoor programs which features activites for all ability levels. Some of those activities include pickleball, volleyball, even glow in the dark games. There are also expanded options listing where people can go on hikes, open skating rinks, and much more.

While the weather conditions haven’t been nice for those outdoor ice rinks, Dultuh Parks and Recreation assistant manager Alicia Watts says they are considering all the options if the weather doesn’t cooperate and bring the snow they need for events like Cold Front, which is once again happening in February at Bayfront park.

“Our programs are designed to meet people in lots of diffferent abilities and ages. I think if you look through our brochure, you can find something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for.” Watts says.

If you would like more information on the winter/spring program guide, a link to download it can be found here.