Duluth Marshall unveils remodeled gymnasium

Marshall schools unveiled their remodeled gym to students on their second day of school.

During a pep-rally today, faculty showed off the new facility to students K-12. Last year, students had the opportunity to vote on the new design of the gym.

Two seniors I spoke with say that people made the right choice. They had three options and the one that had the most votes, won. They say they had the choice of voting on things like the color, floors, wall padding as well as the design.

Students in every class had the opportunity to vote.

Faculty member Jen Berry says that the before, there were safety hazards and the paint and floors were worn down. She adds that students have given very positive feedback to the remodeling. “There have been lots of smiles and wows because it really does look completely different,” said Berry.

Sixth grader Tiegen Fryberger says the new gym makes him proud to be a Hilltopper.

During today’s pep-rally students were able to play games and have fun at their new gym!