Duluth Gospel Tabernacle, has over 100 years of Easter Services

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Duluth Gospel Tabernacle, is 107 years old, but their congregation is stronger than ever, especially after Easter. However, with churches seeing fewer and fewer members how does a church, over a century, remain so popular?

Rebecca Haapanen, the Children’s Pastor of Duluth Gospel Tabernacle has been a life-long member explained the history. “Back in the twenties. They believed that it would be a pivotal place to connect the East and the West.” Haapanen said regarding Duluth Gospel Tabernacle’s location at 1515 W Superior St. “And what’s interesting is back in the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s, you didn’t have a whole lot to do. So on Sunday night, this place would be packed to hear the orchestra.”

While music might have initially brought people to Duluth Gospel Tabernacle, Haapanen said that today the focus is on providing children ministry. “I would believe that right now, if you look at the diversity and the health of our church, we’re not going anywhere and it’s just going to grow.” Haapanen said. “Our church believes so much in children’s ministry, youth ministry and young adult. We are ministering to the whole family.”

Angie Carlsness, a member of Duluth Gospel Tabernacle, also talked about her connection to the church. “My husband and I moved away when he joined the Air Force. We were gone 20 years and decided that we didn’t even need to look anywhere else.” Carlsness said. “We were just going to come right back here, which is where we actually met.”

Carlsness continued saying how even though she and her family went to other churches in two decades, there’s something special about Duluth Gospel Tabernacle. “I’ve been all around the country with our Air Force travels and one thing unique about this place is there’s something for everybody. And I think that that helps to bring people in, keep them connected.” Carlsness said.

Earlier this year, Duluth Gospel Tabernacle installed their new Lead Pastor Derrick Marshall. Marshall and his family are new to the community, but are enjoying the fellowship. “This church has an incredibly rich history and faithfulness. A lot of these people here have been here all their lives. You know, 70 year old people have been here, this church, all their life. It’s incredible.” Marshall said. “The community has been incredibly welcoming and very kind to us. So our children have just really fell in love with this place.”

With new church leadership from Lead Pastor Derrick Marshall, Duluth Gospel Tabernacle is looking to continue their Easter traditions for many years to come. The members of the church are preparing for the annual Vacation Bible School for the children and youth in their congregation. For more information about Duluth Gospel Tabernacle you can look here. For other news happening in Duluth you can look here.