Duluth firefighters to get higher pay in 2024

Duluth firefighters to get a market adjustment in their wages in 2024

The city has approved an 8% market adjustment for Duluth firefighters for next year.

After a vote by the city council on Monday, Duluth firefighters are getting an 8% wage hike for next year.

“The Duluth Firefighters Local 101 worked really hard with city administration and then the council to get this. We consider it a market adjustment, to bring our salaries in line with other comparable departments in the state,” shared Chief Shawn Krizaj.

This is on top of the negotiated raises that other collective bargaining unit covered employees are getting in 2024.

Krizaj said a study showed that Duluth was 28 out of 28 when it came to salaries, when looking at comparable departments across the state. “That was really hurting our recruitment,” Krizaj added.

The department is on track to respond to 16,000 calls this year.

They are hiring right now, with the application window open until January 12th.

“We’re trying to expand our candidate pool, with a virtual exam and answering three questions via video segment,” Krizaj explained.