Duluth Fire Department shares more about rescuing a dog down in Canal Park

On a windy, wavy night in Canal Park last week, Duluth firefighters went into the water to rescue a dog. They laid out more information on Monday.

According to the report, the dog apparently escaped his leash and his owner just after 6:00 p.m. on Thursday night, and jumped into the water near the Aerial Lift Bridge. The bridge operator was able to use cameras to help locate the dog, which was struggling in the waves.

Duluth Firefighters rescue dog under Lift Bridge

Video of members of the Duluth Fire Department rescuing a dog in the canal under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Firefighters wearing ice rescue suits went into the water and got a hold of the dog by the collar. They were being swept towards the bay. That’s when Marine 3 arrived and got the dog and firefighters on the boat.

The dog was reunited with his owners, and even waving his tail as he jumped into his owner’s’ vehicle.

Here’s more from the department:
“The Duluth Fire Department is often asked why we would respond to calls like this and put firefighters at any level of risk for an animal. The Duluth Fire Department understands how important pets are to their families. We have learned in the fire service that if we do not respond to help in these situations that bystanders and owners likely will take action on their own. Without the proper training and equipment this most often results in the firefighters now responding to a call for a person in harm’s way.

On this call one of the notes taken by Saint Louis County Dispatchers and transmitted to fire crews stated that “The female reporting party is threatening to jump in.” Other bystanders on scene informed us they were having to convince the owner not to go in after the dog.

The Duluth Fire Department wants to stress to the public the importance of not putting yourself into a situation you are neither trained nor equipped to handle. This will not only put you at risk but the emergency responders as well. It will also greatly limit the options we have to try to save your pet as all efforts will now be directed at saving you. Given the wave and temperature conditions in the canal last night, anyone entering the water without the proper training and equipment would most likely have ended in tragedy.”