Duluth creeks overtop roads due to flooding

The City of Duluth continues to respond to reports of flooding due to heavy rain. And while that seems to be abating, several streams and creeks are causing problems for Duluth roads.

The city reports that many streams and creeks have overtopped which have caused road closures and a few sanitary sewer overflows.

Road closures, as of the time this press release was distributed, include:

Chester Creek:
-Niagara Street
-Norton Road at the crossing nearest Rice Lake Road

Tischer Creek:
-Abbotsford Avenue is closed at the back of the Glen Avon ballfields
-W Oxford Street at Tischer Creek has water over the roadway. The road is closed at
Abbotsford, and at either side of the creek.
-W St. Andrews Street at Tischer Creek has water over the roadway; the road is closed
on either side of the creek.
-Anna Street at Tischer–water over the roadway; the road is closed on the upper side of
Anna Street and at Columbus Avenue.
-Columbus Avenue at Anna Street intersection/Tischer Creek crossing has water over the
roadway; it is closed at Arrowhead Road and back at Hardy Street.

Miller Creek:
-Maple Grove Road is closed at TH53 to past Target. The Mall Drive intersection is
-Mall Drive is closed near Haines Road with water over the roadway.

Four sanitary sewer lift stations, located at 22nd Avenue E near the lake, 60th Avenue E
near the lake, Dodge Street, and Lift Station 6 near the Corner of the Lake also
experienced overflows today. While these appear to have peaked and are beginning to
abate, Utility Operations continues to monitor these and work with the Western Lake
Superior Sanitary District to mitigate issues related to flooding.

An excessive amount of water fell in this rain event, causing area streams, rivers, and
creeks to run much faster than normal and to be, in some cases, exceedingly dangerous.
The City of Duluth asks residents to stay away from all standing water and moving water.