Duluth City Councilors’ thoughts on ceasefire in Gaza resolution

Duluth City Councilor’s thoughts on ceasefire in Gaza resolution

Duluth City Councilor's thoughts on Ceasefire in Gaza resolution were varied, but in the end the resolution failed with a vote of 4-5.

Many Duluthians braved Monday night’s snowstorm to attend the Duluth City Council meeting. After several months of emails, phone calls, letters and public comments, Duluth City Councilor’s shared their thoughts on a polarizing issue. Councilors voted on whether they should pass a resolution for a ceasefire to the conflict in Gaza.

In the past some Councilors like Azrin Awal and Mike Mayou shared their support for passing the ceasefire resolution.

“But after taking time to hear from our community, hear the stories and the real struggles that everyone is having,” Councilor Mayou said. “I have come to support this and I would encourage my fellow counselors to also support it.”

Although other Duluth City Councilors’ thoughts were more divided on the issue. Duluth City Council Vice President, Terese Tomanek, asking whether or not the resolution should be passed.

“People are on edge, they are angry, they are scared and they are certainly divided,” Tomanek said. “Is this what you had hoped for when you were elected to serve the people of Duluth?”

Although other councilors said that if residents come forward wanting problems addressed it becomes a City Council matter.

“I would just like to emphasize that this is absolutely a local issue,” Councilor Wendy Durrwachter said. “On this issue, I cannot remain silent. My vote tonight is a yes,” Duluth City Council Presidennt Roz Randorf said. “A ceasefire for all in the region. If you believe in sending a message of peace, please join me tonight in voting yes.

City Councilors in opposition said the conflict in Gaza with the Hamas-Israel war doesn’t impact issues Duluthian are currently facing.

“It got politicized, I’m gonna say shame on you. Stop doing it. I am a counselor who doesn’t like it. I have community members who don’t like it. And it’s not feeling great for the people who have spent their time and energy asking us to do something. So as you can tell, this is gonna be a no for me.”

In the end the Duluth City Councilors’ thoughts led to a split vote of 4-5, with the resolution not passing.

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