Duluth City Council review housing and budgeting concerns

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Duluth City Council’s had the first reading of the proposed budget cuts, however, no action was taken. Although, the budget will likely be voted on at next week’s meeting, councilors heard many concerns from the public. One of the main outcries focused on lack of affordable housing, along with the Lincoln Park Flats Complex issue.

Many residents voiced their frustration about the Lincoln Park Flats Complex becoming a hotel. Plenty of people are worried that turning apartment into hotels will leave no place for residents to live.

Kathleen Spencer, a resident in Central Hillside, talked about her concerns with the Duluth City Council. “But even where I live, the need for low and moderate housing is huge. There is going to be a huge disaster.” Spencer said. “And while we’re going to have these millionaires living in the rich places and everybody else sleeping under the bushes, we can’t have that.”

The Lincoln Park project is converting some apartment units to a hotel, which is within their contractual rights. Although no action was taken by councilors on that matter tonight. For more information about the Duluth City Council review housing and other agenda items you can look here. However, for more stories regarding the Duluth City Council you can read more here.