Duluth City Council discusses the Lakewalk Interpretive Plan

Duluth residents and city council members met at City Hall Wednesday evening to discuss the Lakewalk Interpretive Plan. The plan is meant to define specific elements and common themes for interpretation along the existing trail. The plan will also include the segments that will be reconstructed during the Lakewalk resiliency and Harbor Plaza improvements. City council members hope that the themes will allow visitors to gain a better understanding of the area and create spaces for visitors to engage. Interpretive elements will include historical, cultural, and artistic representations of Duluth’s people and places.

The project will cover areas such as the riverfront segments of the Baywalk along Bayfront Festival Park, the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center, and the south side of Canal Park. It will then continue along the Lakewalk from the ship canal to 21st Avenue East.

A draft of the Interpretive Plan will be presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission on April 19, 2023 and a final draft is expected to be presented for approval at the May 10, 2023 meeting.