Duluth Cheerio Challenge underway to help support food shelves

Duluth Cheerio Challenge underway to support local food shelves

A group of citizens have organized the Duluth Cheerio Challenge to support local food shelves.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, you’re encouraged to pick up a box of Cheerios and be part of the #DuluthCheerioChallenge.

By now, many of us are aware of a certain Minnesotan billionaire who used the expression “peeing in your Cheerios” in a national publication over the weekend and described Duluth as a “small-minded community.”

Instead of talking more about this person, who is now a Duluth property owner, a group of Duluthians got together and hatched a large-minded community plan.

To take a final chomp out of Minnesota FoodShare month, we are challenging Duluthians and anyone wanting to participate to donate a box or more of Cheerios. The items collected will be given out to three Duluth food shelves participating in the annual drive.

The group choosing to stay anonymous issued the following statement:

“We saw this as a positive opportunity to make a difference for those in need of food while showing the greater public that this is how people in our community stick up for one another. We know the hunger need is great, and we hope our community rallies to show what we can do together.”

Those wanting to donate can drop off Cheerios (or other healthy cereal) at the Duluth Labor Temple from Wednesday, March 27, through Friday, March 28, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. They can also drop off items in the North East Area Labor Council office, located on the main floor of the building in office 99.

The group highly encourages small (or large) financial donations to CHUM, Union Gospel Mission, and Salvation Army. Donations can be leveraged and sometimes be more impactful than a food donation. For example, CHUM can turn every $1 donated in to $3 worth of food.

For more information, please visit Duluth Cheerio Challenge on Facebook.