Duluth Central High School Alumni Association opens online store

The Duluth Central High School Association has announced the launch of their online merchandise store. The DCAA says it’s open for a limited time.

The online store will be open until October 30th. The store has a variety of t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats and more.

“The money raised during this initial DCAA fundraising effort will be used to support the Association’s
continued preservation of artifacts and overall organizational management,” stated DCAA co-founder
and Board Secretary Barbara Darland.

Advantage Emblem

“Offering Duluth Central merchandise to alumni is an important way to continue preserving the memory and legacy of our high school,” she continued.

If you would like to view the store, or purchase visit their partners website Advantage Emblem.

So far, the fundraiser has brought the association $820 with 77 orders so far.