DPD’s open house to learn about Women in Law Enforcement

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The Duluth Police Department held their first ‘Women in Law Enforcement’ open house. While this event helped women interested in law enforcement know more about the department. It also help women in the community meet other women working at the Public Safety Building.

Deputy Chief Laura Marquardt, was one of the speakers at the ‘Women in Law Enforcement’ open house. She said while the DPD, is looking to recruit more people in their workforce they also want to inspire young women. “We want diversity. We want different perspectives and experiences, because it makes us better. It makes us have a better product and service to our community. And it makes us a better department for understanding problems and working through solutions.” Marquardt said. “It’s important for our department from the perspective of diverse interactions, perspectives and experiences actually make a better workforce.”

Marquardt also said her hope for future women officers is to get hands on experience by spending time with police in the community. “Reach out to your local police department, connect with some officers from that department to get a better understanding of what really actually goes on in a job. Go do ride alongs. We as a department love to do ride alongs and will pair you up if you’re a female who wants to ride along with females.” Marquardt said.

However, the current Duluth Police Department have approximately 18% women staff according to a demographics report from 2022. Deputy Cheif Marquardt said she would like to see the staff at the DPD to be at least 30% women someday to improve diversity. “There are lots of females out there who would fit that bill. I’ve spent 28 years in law enforcement and I didn’t need a whole bunch of muscles to get through my career in law enforcement. What I needed was compassion, insight and a willing to want to help my community figure out their problems. And if that if you have that, you can be a police officer.” Marquardt said.

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