Downtown Duluth rally in support of Palestine

On Sunday November the 5th a coalition of local activist groups in the Twin Ports area held a rally in solidarity with Palestine in Downtown Duluth in the wake of the Israel – Hamas war in the middle east.

In a statement the groups said quote “with the continued massacre of people, among them over three thousand children and the destruction of homes and infrastructure in Gaza by Israel, we call on people of conscience in the area to take a stand against genocide and ethnic cleansing being perpetrated against the Palestinian people”.

The local activist groups included Anti Imperialist Action, Anonymous Twin Ports, Northwoods Socialist Collective, Northland Grandmothers for Peace, Occupy MN and the Twin Ports Democratic Socialists of America.

One of the protesters, Johanni Yates had this to say: “I think that it shows our solidarity and also sends a message that even in small towns like Duluth, we want freedom for Palestine, and we stand with Palestine.”