Douglas County receives funds for County Highway W’s repairs

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Douglas County receives funds from FEMA, for the reconstruction of County Highway W. The bridge near the communities of Foxboro, Patzau & Summit, has yet to receive repairs from the historic flooding in 2018.

Evan Willoughby, the owner of Drifters Trail bar, said the delays to fix the bridge is frustrating for many residents. After Douglas County receives funds from FEMA through the Wisconsin Emergency Management, they will begin the design process to reconstruct the County Highway W.

However, residents in Foxboro, Patzau and Summit asked for the bridge to be fix years ago. “There’s been a couple of petitions that came through and we had locals sign it and voice their opinion about trying to get the bridge rebuilt. And we just kind of waiting for it.” Willoughby said.

Willoughby said the alternate routes have either been more risky, or longer with using I-35. “The alternate road, Denham Road, is a very dangerous road, especially in the winter,” Willoughby said. “No guardrails and one lane road, one lane bridge. So it’s definitely more dangerous than what W would be, for sure.”

The other concern residents have with County Highway W closed for years, is the delays with firefighters and ambulances. “If there was an incident that happened on the other side of the bridge, they would have they would have to go all the way around to get to that that incident. So it definitely impacts emergency vehicles as well.”

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