Don’t let online shopping anxiety deter you from shopping local

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As Christmas fast approaches there can be a lot of anxiety surrounding shopping for gifts. For online shopping it’s “will my gift arrive in time for Christmas.”

Well local businesses are hoping that anxiety doesn’t deter people from shopping online at their locations.

Some businesses even setting a specific deadline for customers to order by.

Stephanie Anderson from Frost River says, “So last day for standard shipping is December 16th that’s going to be your safest bet. We’ll make it for you and ship it to you and you have it under the Christmas tree.”

And this year it’s been another busy shopping season. Anderson says, “It’s been a slower start than we anticipated, but man, once December 1st hit… it started to spike.”

Local businesses now having a bigger online presence after shutting down due to the pandemic. They’re taking the knowledge they learned and continuing to improve.

Duluth Kitchen Co. Owner, Alex Kulstad, says, “we actually didn’t have an online presence until COVID. And that forced us to go online. We are trying to grow and expand our economy and it’s doing pretty well.”

And with their online stores up and running, they hope shoppers will consider them for the holidays. Kulstad says, “A lot of these smaller businesses are struggling to get by, supporting local and shopping local will be huge. So we hope people will do that this holiday season.”