Denfeld Nation Automation robotics team competes at the DECC

Denfeld Nation Automation robotics team competes at the DECC

Team 4009, the Denfeld Nation Automation, or the DNA high school robotics team competed at the DECC in the FIRST Robotics competition.

The Denfeld Nation Automation, DNA, high school robotics team competed in the Lake Superior and Northern Lights Regionals. The DNA battled against several teams throughout the Northland showing just how skilled their robot is.

Carter Wedin, the Program Lead for Denfeld Nation Automation, said their hopes remain high in the competition.

“We were ranked a little low during qualifications, but our robot performed very well,” Wedin said. “We are very pleased with how both of our autonomous cars have performed, as well as our cycle times.”

Wedin said if Denfeld’s robotics team does well with the playoffs this weekend, they could make it to the world championships. This year it’s taking place down in Houston Texas.

Another of the other team captains said first robotics is a wonderful example of good sportsmanship. Zaidea Kinziger, the Business Lead, said the competition is really friendly among other teams

“Even if your enemy is down, you still want to go help them. You still want them to perform the best to their ability,” Kinziger said. “I think that’s just such amazing, because you don’t really see that with other sports teams.”

Both Kinziger and Wedin said being part of robotics is life changing. There is always a key role for someone to help their team do well every year, along with building essential stem skills.

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