DECC decides against going cashless

On Tuesday, DECC leadership floated a question to their Facebook followers: “As a means to move lines quicker, should we go to a cashless system at our concessions and beer stands?”

After around 250 responses, Executive Director Dan Hartman decided against it. According to an updated Facebook post on Friday, the DECC will continue to accept both cash and credit during events.

Hartman posted, “This is why you ask questions.”

“Even though two-thirds of U.S. venues are now cashless, it doesn’t mean Duluth has to be. After an outpouring of responses, a clear majority of DECC users would prefer financial transactions to remain the same,” the post read.

They had hoped going cashless might reduce lines. But they said they received other good suggestions for how to do that, like better signage so customers know the menu options before they get up to the counter.