Day of Service for Superior Middle School students at UWS

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The Day of Service for 8th grade students at Superior Middle School meant helping out their community in different ways. Some students helped plant flags at the cemetery, others spent time with senior citizens. However, there were also students signed up to visit the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus to help pick up trash. Those students were then able to take a tour around the college campus and learn more about the different programs.

Thorne Carter, a math teacher at Superior Middle School talked more about why Day of Service is so important. “It’s not just about these students to pick up litter and make your community a better place.” Carter said. “Our main goal was to get eighth grade students interested in what colleges college life is about, especially locally. One of their best options here is a local school, and whether they’re going for two years or four years or they’re just using this public space, we’re really interested in getting them out here and seeing what their community has for them, not just what they can do for the community.”

Many students talked about why the Day of Service is needed not only for the community but for other kids. “A lot of eighth graders stay inside and don’t really do much or don’t get much opportunity just to go talk to older people or go help do these things.” Cheryl said. “So I think that having to do it at school with friends, it makes it easier to do.” Another student also had some advice for future eighth grade students for their Day of Service. “Make sure you’re having fun with it.” Aaron said. “Make sure you’re doing picking something that you enjoy to do because it’s not worth doing if it’s not fun.”

However, for Carter, showing these student what is meant to be part of the Superior Community goes beyond the classroom. “Superior holds a place in my heart because this is where I graduated from before I started teaching.” Carter said. “It’s fun to get them here and have them see what a little bit of college is like and what they have to look forward to if they want to further their education.”

The 8th grade students also wanted to share a major ‘thank you’ to Mr. Carter for a great day of service! For other Superior School events you can look here. For other stories in Superior you can look here.