Daniel Durant reflects on signing at the Super Bowl

Daniel Durant shares Super Bowl experience

Daniel Durant, an actor from Duluth, shares his experience signing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVIII had a special Duluth connection this year. Deaf performer Daniel Durant signed the National Anthem alongside Reba McEntire.

Durant says the experience was like no other. He says, “Of course I had nerves but they were good nerves. You know I’ve been an actor so I kind of know how to deal with the nerves. I mean the Super Bowl is a little different. Because you’re performing in front of 60,000 people in Allegiant Stadium.”

Daniel says there was an audition process that he went through. And that his moms were very excited when they found out that he would be working with Reba McEntire, as the two are big fans. He also got advice from his fellow ‘CODA’ actors Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin.

“When I was rehearsing there was nobody in the stands,” says Durant, “I was rehearsing with Reba, you know, the crew. I’m like ‘oh yeah I feel this’. But then on the day that it happened… The Super Bowl, all the people there, that is an experience that I will never forget. Just with the energy of the crowd and what that felt like. It was inspiring.”

As for his blink and you’ll miss it appearance on the CBS broadcast, Durant did mention their was a sperate link/stream of him signing the entirety of the National Anthem and mentions that the decision was out of his control.

But he was happy to enjoy the rest of the exciting game with his now fiancé Brit Stewart. He also mentions that he did in fact meet Post Malone at the game, along with other notable NFL players like JJ Watt. However, no word yet on a run in with Taylor Swift.

Future projects for Durant include a starring role alongside Jessica Alba and Russell Harvard in the upcoming film called ‘Flash Before The Bang’. And a upcoming project with the Deaf West Theatre.