Cost effective ways to save money and heating

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Costs of heating are rising due to the price of natural gas predicted to increase by 28% next year.

For many residents in the Northland who use natural gas to heat their homes, this is a huge financial concern. However, there are some simple, yet cost effective means to help residents save both money and heat for their home.

First, take advantage of the sun’s light. Just from letting in sunlight through the windows provides plenty of natural heat on a sunny day. It is important to close your curtains in the evening to prevent cold winter winds coming through any potential cracks.

George Flaim, a customer service coordinator with Comfort Systems, said windows let in wind chill from outside at night.

“Your windows are 23% of your draft in a house. You can get that commercial film forum and, put that on it to save some of the draft on your windows, get thicker curtains and keep them closed.” Flaim said.

Another neat trick to help keep a home warm is reversing the ceiling fan’s motor, and set to low. This helps circulate warm airflow, since hot air rises, while cold air sinks. Next, Flaim also recommends to change your thermostat in little means to help save on heating costs.

“Also, to help keep the warmth in the house when you know you’re not at home or you know your sleep and you can have a little more cold air in the house because you’re warm and you’re not there. Just by turning the thermostat down 3 to 5 degrees, you can save 5 to 10% a year on your gas bill.” Flaim said.

When it comes to heating a home the furnace plays a significant role. Especially when it comes to the furnace’s filter. If the filter is dirty, not only will the furnace provide less heat, it could cause a potential fire.

Charlie Deville, the project services manager at North Star Services, explained furnace preparation for winter.

“Don’t be the one who calls when it’s minus five and your furnace doesn’t work because you didn’t turn it on. Turn it on, see what’s going on, and make sure that you’re getting heat going on inside your house if there’s not if there’s issues. Get ahold of an HVAC expert and get somebody out there.” Deville said.

It is also recommended to check your water heater and furnace twice a year. They should be check once in spring, and once in the fall. These are just some of the cost effective measures that can help with saving money and heat.

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