Continuing the discussion of the state of Duluth

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Duluth Mayoral Candidate Roger Reinert invited Duluthians to join him for a conversation on the state of our City tonight, Wednesday March 23rd. He spoke in great detail of where Duluth is, where Duluth needs to be headed, and how we get there.

Reinert has made it clear the sharp contrast between Mayor Larson’s vision and his starts with their assessment of where Duluth is at. He has stated that he has had several small group conversations since campaign work has begun in January and feels Duluthians are concerned. He doubled down on that sentiment again tonight.

“I heard last night that the state of our city is strong and growing stronger. Duluth that is not what you are telling me or what you are sharing with each other. My friends, the state of our city is serious,” said Reinert.

Reinert spoke greatly on the need to make better public spaces for all in Duluth.

“Neighborhood parks and recreation spaces. Youth hockey. Mental health and criminal justice. Active outdoor activities for adults. Homelessness. Public safety. The condition of downtown Duluth. Access to housing for all income levels. The condition of our streets. Snow removal. Planning and zoning. Permitting and inspections. We need to give Duluth the reputation as a good place to do business,” said Reinert.

“There is a growing cultural divide between Duluth and our surrounding region. That’s why from the beginning, our focus has been on effective and efficient core city services and making Duluth a better partner,” continued Reinert.

Reinert ended the night on a note of action for the community.

“My friends, my fellow dilutions. These challenges imposed upon the state of our city is serious. And according to my watch. The time is now,” finished Reinert.