Construction begins on newest development of Arrowhead Road

Titanium Partners and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce broke ground on a new development of Arrowhead Road.

Brian Forcier, the CEO of Titanium Partners, says, “Construction starts on Monday. We’ve received all of our full permits, and a green light from the city and county folks… I would say over the next three years, you’ll see continued development along this corridor from us.”

Development is already underway on the site, which will see over $5 million in total investment over the next two years.

There will be a multi-tenant retail building across from the Kwik Trip. Along with space for a financial institution. Then nearby, 2.5 acres will be a housing component; they’re building townhomes for people to buy.

“Brian Forcier and his team at Titanium Partners have been, and continue to be, an incredible asset to this community,” said Daniel Fanning, Vice President of the Duluth Area Chamber and Executive Director of the Duluth Area Chamber Foundation.

“We are so grateful for their continued investment in our region, their strong community partnership and how they intentionally use local labor and talent on their projects. This makes our region’s business community, local economy and local workforce even stronger. We are grateful for Brian’s vision, leadership and investment in Duluth. Now is the time to invest in this community, and we appreciate all who are stepping up to help Duluth grow and thrive.”