Community Bridge to Recovery in West Duluth to fight addictions

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While there have been great strides in addressing mental health, the first step usually comes with asking for help. One aspect of mental health that still has a stigma is overcoming addiction. Over in West Duluth, the Community Bridge to Recovery event helps provide resources to people in need.

Addictions can come in many different forms not just drugs, alcohol or gambling. Organizations at the Community Bridge to Recovery event like the Human Development Center, Recovery Alliance Duluth and the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment, and many more help provide assistance to people struggling with addiction.

Bradley Hodeer, the Director of Recovery Services with the Human Development Center said that the Community Bridge to Recovery event can not only help provide resources to people with addictions, but help strengthen the community. “We wanted to bring the community together. It’s been hard for everybody,” Hodeer said. “Overdose rates are higher than ever, and there’s nothing better to solve Those kinds of issues like just having people, people to spend time around just that sense of bringing it all back together.”

When someone is trying to overcome an addiction, having supportive friends, family or community goes a long way on the road to recovery. “I think the best thing for the community to do when we’re looking at addiction and recovery is to just be aware that it’s a disease and it affects everybody. I think everybody knows somebody who’s been affected by it.” Hodeer said.

Jackson Wrazildo, one of the event organizers for the Community Bridge to Recovery said that asking for help, is one of the difficult hurdles for someone struggling with addiction. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s the biggest thing. There’s a stigma that’s traditionally attached to people who ask for help,” Wrazildo said. “I think it’s important that we break that cycle because that’s the only way that we get healthier together.”

The Community Bridge to Recovery also had more than just resources for people struggling with addictions. There were also backpack and school supplies provided to families. Angelo Simone, the program director with Valley Youth Center, said that community events like this can also be a way to provide for people struggling to afford supplies needed for school.

“It’s great to see the community come together and pick up all the supplies for these kids,” Simone said. “You can see the families are coming out and smiles on the kids faces. And that’s what it’s about for us. So any day a kid walks through the door and we put a smile on their face. We’ve done something good.”

Shawn Carr, with the TagWii Recovery Center, said that spreading the word about organizations dedicated to help people fight addictions is needed now more than ever. “There’s a lot of wonderful people here offering services and, that’s a good thing,” Carr said. “It’s a relaxed atmosphere so you don’t have to come into an office to find out what these folks do. We hope it gives some people some help or get some information out there in the community.”

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