Coming together in unity at Raleigh Academy

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When people unite behind a cause, it can change the world.

That’s true for adults and for kids. Wednesday was unity day at Edison charter schools. Kids at Duluth’s Raleigh Academy each created a piece of a puzzle with the message that we are all a piece of a bigger community and one way or another, we are all connected together, working together.

Steve Ondrus is the Raleigh Academy director. He told us their school is built on a set of core values. “We teach social emotional learning lessons. They are about how to get along with others, how do we share, how do we take turns? So Unity Day just really fits that message of all the other pieces that we’re trying to teach. So today is kind of a day to celebrate all that work we’ve been doing since the beginning of the year and will continue to do throughout the year.”

Edison schools have a unity day on the third Wednesday of each month, promoting the message of kindness, inclusion and acceptance.