Come support STEM learning by teaching at STARBASE Minnesota Duluth

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Jessica Gudmundson loves her job as an instructor at STARBASE Minnesota Duluth. And she’s been a teacher in other classrooms before. “This has been my favorite, by far,” she told us.

Call sign “Nova,” Gudmundson explained why it’s such a great and unique experience.

“It’s all of the best parts of teaching. It’s the hands on, working directly with kids. It’s fun, it’s good content, they’re interested. The curriculum is amazing. And the team we work with, are also amazing,” she said.

There aren’t papers to grade, millions of emails home, or more of the administrative parts of education.

Instead, she gets to build connections with the kids over the space of each week. “They do remember you, even though they are here for a short time,” she added.

Over 2700 5th graders from around the region attend STARBASE each year. They focus on STEM skills, as they plan a mission to Mars.

“We talk about NASA’s human mission to mars, which they are so excited about. It’s going to be their generation that goes,” Gudmundson added. “We talk about the diversity of STEM careers in the area.”

You can join “Nova” and the others! STARBASE is hiring two full time instructors, a part time classroom assistant, and even a part time summer internship focused on social media.

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STARBASE is a program run by the Department of Defense and the Minnesota National Guard.