Come see the large scale public art piece called North Shore Blue at the Holiday Center

North Shore Blue is brightening up the Holiday Center

A look at the beautiful new art that's being installed at the Holiday Center, inspired by Lake Superior.

Anne Labovitz grew up in Duluth. The international artist has channeled those memories and emotions and love of the big lake into a new large-scale public art display.

It’s called North Shore Blue, and includes 13 scrolls suspended high above your head, in the atrium of the Holiday Center.

“I’m hoping it brings people a sense of joy, and discovery. I believe color can be transformative. And hopefully it will inspire others to reflect on their own histories with Lake Superior,” she said.

She uses Tyvek, which is a vapor barrier, to put down the paint. It was something she started using when she did her 122 Conversations piece, which traveled the world.

This is her 14th large-scale public art installation since 2015, and she’s working on four more.

North Shore Blue will be on display indefinitely, and will include some additional mural work.