Clover Valley Farm Fest in Two Harbors, offers local, fresh produce

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Up in the Two Harbors area, eleven different farms banded together to form the inaugural Clover Valley Farm Fest. People throughout the Northland could purchase a variety of different fruits, vegetables, and more.

However, this year’s early summer drought still caused issues for many farmers at the Clover Valley Farm Fest. Justin Osadjan, the owner of Lucky Dog Farm, said most farmers are left waiting for rain.

“As growing seasons go, it’s been an okay year, not the best year, but we’ve all survived,” Osadjan said. “Everybody’s got some farm product to sell that they’ve been able to grow on their farm.”

Osadjan said by growing different crops that need different amounts of water can help ensure some crop harvests.

“Every farmer has their own little niche that they’ve established for themselves'” Osadjan said. “There’s obviously some overlap in the types of crops that we grow. Many of us are producing onions and tomatoes and potatoes, but each also has a little bit of a specialty.”

At the Clover Valley Farm Fest, people could learn more about local farm-to-table produce, and try organic food. Emily Richey, the owner of Agate Acres Farm, said the drought made it difficult for farmers in the area this season.

“We have very strong well and we have a good irrigation system set up and so that that made it work. If we didn’t have that, we would have been out of luck,” Richey said. “But it’s been raining more. All of our, our veggies are doing pretty well, and we’re just excited to share them with folks.”

Pat Berger, the owner of Boreal Bounty Farm said that the hope for many farmers is a few more days of rain and sunshine before freezing temperatures begin.

“Hopefully we’ll have a late frost, which I grew up here. We used to get frost for sure in August,” Berger said. “Now it’s pushed back to September, so we have more time. But yeah, so you know, tomatoes are a peak now. Cucumbers are kind of dying off where we’ve all pulled our garlic, onions, things like that. But it’s looking good.”

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