Cloquet home invader arrested after extensive investigation

Friday October 7th around 2:30p.m. Cloquet detectives and officers arrested 43-year-old a suspect in connection to a Cloquet home invasion case.

Brendan Smith is charged with 1st-degree Burglary-Dwelling-Occupied-Non-Accomplice Present and 3rd-degree Assault-Substantial Bodily Harm.

The suspect was arrested after the extensive investigation regarding the home invasion incident which took place on June 7th.

It’s reported that on the 7th a Cloquet woman was awoken in her home after the intruder broke in to the home and started strangling the woman as she slept. The husband, who was sleeping in a different room, was alerted and had a brief confrontation with the suspect before the suspect fled the scene in the nearby woods.

Detectives then obtained DNA from the scene and discovered a vehicle that was believed to be the suspect’s, but were unable to find him until now.

In late July, detectives attempted a search warrant based off of DNA but Smith refused to supply a sample.

Then in August, detectives executed a second search warrant for Smith’s DNA. A sample was obtained from Smith and sent to the BCA lab for analysis. Which then matched with the DNA at the scene.

On October 6th the Carlton County Attorney’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Smith.

Officers conducted surveillance on Smith’s residence before taking him into custody without incident.  Smith is currently being held in the Carlton County Jail and is set to appear in court next week.