Citizens gather in support of upcoming Duluth Parks Fund Referendum

The Duluth Parks Levy will be on the ballot for Duluthians this November. A group of supporters are gathered outside Reimagined by T. Underwood serving Duluth Coffee Company coffee to illustrate how much this would cost.

The fund that was established in 2011 at a fixed amount of $2.6 million each year. However, operating costs, maintenance, and construction are on the rise- much like everything else these days. So citizens will vote whether to change the funds to a fixed percentage for property taxes. It would allow the fund to grow over time and with inflation.

However, the tax will only apply to you if you have a home worth $200,000 or more. If you do, it would cost you $36 yearly. And per a month it averages to less than a cup of coffee..

The city next informational meeting is taking place on Friday October 28. That’s from 8:30 – 10:00 am at the Portman Community Center. You can also visit the city’s website to learn more.