CHUM celebrates their 18th annual Rhubarb Festival

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CHUM’s 18th annual Rhubarb Festival brings fun and delicious treats for the whole family. From Rhubarb pies, to Rhubarb brats to even Rhubarb lemonade, there was something everyone could enjoy.

All of the proceeds raised from the festival will go towards CHUM’s efforts to helping the community of Duluth. Bradley Zwagerman, the CHUM Communications and Marketing Director said the festival is a great way to inspire others to help volunteer. “We’re super grateful that we have such an awesome community to come together and support people experiencing homelessness and poverty, just like we did 50 years ago when this community came together to do the same thing.” Zwagerman said. “We’re hoping a couple thousand people come out. We made 1600 pies and we got to get all those sold.”

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