Chester Bowl waiting for colder temps to continue making snow

Chester Bowl opens soon, busy making snow

Chester Bowl in Duluth is hoping to open its hills on Saturday, December 16.

There is some snow at Chester Bowl. But the hill still needs quite a bit more before they can let skiers start enjoying the season.

“Challenging is the right word, when talking about the mild fall and warm winter,” shared Sam Luoma, the Program Director. “We were able to turn the snow guns on last week, for four nights.”

They hope to turn them on again this weekend, and have a tentative opening date of December 16th. That’s pretty on par for what they have done in the past as well.

Ideal weather is 0 to 10 degrees for snowmaking, according to Luoma.

“We don’t control the weather, so we just have to roll with it,” he added.

One particularly bad year, Chester only had a two-week ski season.