Chester Bowl kicks off their first ski/snowboard race of the season

Chester Bowl kicks off their first ski/snowboard race of the season

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Chester Bowl kicks off their first ski/snowboard race of the season with more than 130 kids and teens racing down the slopes. For the next several weeks skiers and snowboarders are pushing their limits and testing their skills with the first of five races.

Dave Schaeffer, the Executive Director of Chester Bowl Improvement Club, said you’re never too old to learn how to ski or snowboard.

“Kids that want to progress through the season can participate in as many races as they’d like,” Schaeffer said. “They have season ending standings based on participation. We’re all about learning to ski and snowboard more than competition. So it’s a supportive environment for kids to learn to go as fast as they can down the hill with no pressure.”

Many kids can feel the support from their peers with help from the Chester Bowl Cadets, like Knut Clarke-Sather. He said skiing at Chester Bowl has helped him make new friends and reconnect with old friends.

“This has been like really vital in my life in me growing up here in Duluth. I’ve been going to Chester every winter, no matter the snow conditions,” Clarke-Sather said. “Now, we’re pretty patchy, but I’m still coming. Even though Spirit might have better snow, this community here is really good.”

Clarke-Sather also said Chester Bowl is always looking for more cadets and volunteers to help out with the alpine races.

“Tt brings the communities together. It’s really like chill, not competitive,” Clarke-Sather said. “We need new skiers and snowboarders all the time to make for it to continue.”

Each alpine race takes at least 25 volunteers to help kids wanting to ski and snowboard. Some of the volunteer positions include, race timers, starters, announcers, bib collectors, gatekeepers and more.

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