Charges filed in connection with fatal shooting

Two men now face aid and abet murder, assault, and drive by shooting charges.

Prosecutors accuse Sanussi Bangoura, 21, and Brandon Williams-Gillard, 25, of being connected to the fatal shooting on Wednesday.

The criminal complaint said that the two were in Bangoura’s car when they saw someone they have a contentious history with.

The man reportedly suggest they “box” down the block.

He went and got his friends, and then the two groups ended up on the 2500 block of W 2nd Street.

That’s where one man threw a punch through the car window. The complaint said Bangoura then reached out of the driver’s side window with a handgun and fired multiple shots at the group.

One man was hit in the backside, and was taken to the hospital.

Another man suffered a shot to the head, and was also rushed to the hospital. He did not survive.

After the shooting, the complaint said the two suspects went to Firestone, and then split up. One then went to the mall and the other went to Kwik Trip.

Then there was another shots fired incident near Bangoura’s home on the 3900 block of W 4th Street. No one was hurt there, but at least one home had damage from bullets.