Celebrating history in Duluth with its Juneteenth Jubilee

People gather in Duluth’s East Hillside for the NAACP’s annual Juneteenth jubilee. Celebrating its history and marking the first year, Juneteenth is recognized as a federal holiday.

It was signed into law last year, making Juneteenth not only a day that we remember; but also becoming a federal holiday.

"This is significant because it has been a long time trying to get this day to be recognized and celebrated as a national holiday. It was exciting that it was finally approved, and it is meaningful," says Bonds. Anthony Bond is the Assistant Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools.

Celebrating Juneteenth in Duluth can have a different meaning for people, Bonds shares, "Looking for the diversity that exists in the community is critically important, and seeing a way to celebrate all of the diversity that exists in the community. It is so important, and it is something we should continue to strive for in making sure individuals feel like they are a part of the community and the community feels and truly embraces diversity."

Hopefully, the meaning behind Juneteenth will continue to be impactful in the future. Duluth resident Helen Davis expressed, “this is an important thing today for our families, our friends, our loved ones, and our children so our children can see when we all can come together as a unity. Our children need this because they do not understand what life is about here as of Juneteenth. They are learning, and we are going to keep doing what we do every year for our Juneteenth."

Speaking about the younger generation and what Juneteenth means, Anarii Davis says that; "everyone needs to keep remembering how it happened and how everything went on so that everyone is not all forgetting about it.”