Celebrate Earth Day with learning at Duluth Children’s Museum

Celebrate Earth Day with learning at Duluth Children’s Museum

Families could celebrate Earth Day with plenty of interactive learning with their kids at the Duluth Children's Museum.

Earth Day is a time for learning about how we can take better of our planet. Over at the Duluth Children’s Museum, kids could learn how to better take of the environment in small ways.

Drew Jensen, the Executive Director of the Duluth Children’s Museum said there’s plenty of easy ways to teach kids how to be more sustainable.

“Kids are really our future. So really instilling in them positive ways to help our environment at a young age is really, really important,” Jensen said. “So events like this, or events held at school, really provides that foundation to be good environmental stewards in the future.”

Jensen also said the museum is bringing back an engaging summer activity for kids to learn about gardening.

“A new feature that we started last summer here at the museum is a pollinator garden,” Jensen said. “So this week we unveiled our plants, and over the next couple weeks here at the museum we’re going to be replanting. Making sure plants that we planted last year have come back and really creating a nice green space.”

Lorilee Blais, the Environmental Program Coordinator with WLSSD, (Western Lake Superior Sanitary District) showed kids sustainable writing utensils.

“This pencil, when you sharpen it, is made with wrapped up newspaper, so it’s recycled,” Blais said. “Then we have pens over here. The barrel is made from recycled water bottles. So we’re talking about closing the loop.”

Blais also said parents can bond with their kids learning how to be more environmentally friendly.

“Kids will go home and they will tell their parents what they should be doing,” Blais said. “Parents are learning from their children about what they should be doing to protect the earth. We have one earth, we need to do what’s right to protect it.”

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