Cancer survivor from Grand Rapids continues the Ruth’s Free Wig Closet effort in the Northland

Ruth’s Free Wig Closet Helping Women in the Northland

Women in the Northland are now getting help with free wigs, thanks to Ruth's Free Wig Closet.

What started in Aitkin, has spread to Grand Rapids.

Inside the United Methodist Church, tucked in closets and cupboards, are dozens of wigs.

It’s part of the Ruth’s Free Wig Closet program.

Jeanie Thompson and her sister, Janie, started this in honor of their mother, Ruth, who died from pancreatic cancer. The sisters operated a salon in Aitkin.

“It’s the compassion. We know what you’ve been through. And we just want to make you happy,” Jeanie told us. “Where do you buy wigs? Women going through that, might not have the time or resources to figure that out. That’s how this all started.”

Sharon Rasmussen heard about Ruth’s when she was getting treatment for ovarian cancer.

She was able to open up another branch of the closet closer to the folks in this region of the Northland.

“I told my husband, this could be my calling. This could be why I got cancer,” she told us.

The service is free, but is by appointment only.

Ladies also can leave with beanies and scarves as well.

To make an appointment with Sharon: 218-244-7596

To make an appointment with Jeanie: 218-838-0441

Both are so grateful for the churches support.

Also, the United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids is collecting gently used winter gear for adults and kids. It will be distributed later this month. The church is at 1701 SE 5th Ave. Questions: or Kay at: 612-845-6649