Can you hear me now? FDA rule allows you to buy hearing devices over the counter

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Millions of Americans are living with hearing loss. And exposure to loud noises like power tools, firearms, and concerts can lead to more of it.

“Unfortunately, many hearing losses are permanent,” shared audiologist Brent Fisher.

October is Protect Your Hearing Month. And it’s timely with the new rule from the FDA about hearing devices. You can now buy them over the counter.

The goal is to improve accessibility for people who consider cost and a prescription as barriers to getting a device.

“Still, it would be good to get an evaluation if you can, to find out what’s most appropriate for your needs,” Fisher said.

If you’re wondering how loud is too loud, Fisher explained it like this.

Sounds over 110 or 120 decibels are loud enough to cause hearing loss in a very short period of time. Over 120 can cause immediate hearing loss. A motorcycle engine is about 95 decibels, loud speech is 70, and a whisper is about 30.