Cable businesses excited for the ‘Birkie Week’ revenue spike

The American Birkebeiner has begun their festivities, with thousands of people from around the world coming to Cable Wisconsin. Which is impacting the local businesses in the area too.

One of those businesses in Cable include the value store Rondeau’s. It’s been a family owned business since 1929.

Brett Rondeau owns the store with his brother. He says that this winter has been especially hard on Rondeau’s. “It just hurts you can’t make a day out of anything now,” says Brett.

Brett also adds that, “One of our biggest sports around here in the winter time is snowmobiling and ice fishing. And the lakes have all gone away. No snowmobiling at all.”

Brett says the store was nervous that the Birkie was going to be canceled. And along with that a loss of revenue for Rondeau’s and other small businesses in the area. But now they say the skiers are coming in.

“We see a good constant flow of people coming in all day long. And if we didn’t have the Birkie… we wouldn’t have nothing.”