Brighton Beach’s reconstruction of shoreline at Kitchi Gammi Park

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Brighton Beach’s shore line and lake walks suffered severe damage over the years from violent storms.

Back in 2019, The Brighton Beach Mini-Master Plan rejuvenated the Kitchi Gammi Park area. The plan extended the lake walk, and relocated the road away from the shoreline. The plan also restored the shoreline to better endure Lake Superior storms.

The current construction phase consists of coastal work, park landscaping, and new amenities by the summer of 2023.

Mike Lebeau, the city of Duluth’s construction project superior, talked about the delayed reconstruction efforts of Brighton Beach, because of other Duluth construction projects.

There was also financial issues regarding the budget, specifically from FEMA, due to the storm damage happening in 2018.

Thankfully, the first phase of the reconstruction efforts are not too complicated. “It’s a fairly small project. So we’re getting all of the stuff that can be damaged in storms, back away from the lake.” Lebeau said.

According to a public survey, one in four people walk to Brighton Beach. While one in three people take their bikes and another one in three people drive their car.

“Next year, we hope to do the rest of the park rehabilitation. Clean up the old roadways, the parking lots, get all that graded and revegetated with native plants.” Lebeau said.

A lot of native vegetation died from the violent storms over the years. There will be volunteer naturalists relocating lady’s slipper orchid colony at Brighton Beach.

“Maybe later next year this new road and new parking will go in above it. So by 2024, I would say we should have everything wrapped up here.” Lebeau said.

People will still be able to enjoy Brighton Beach, however, the city of Duluth is encouraging pedestrians to be mindful of construction activities.

For more information about the construction efforts you can look on city of Duluth’s Park and Recreation website.